Quo Vadis Exclusives

Our programme ‘Quo Vadis Exclusives ‘ is designed for those who wish to know more about India. They are specialised group tours, anchored by some of the world’s best known scholars whose life’s work was based in most of the areas visited on these tours.You will travel with no more than 20 people to learn more of India’s rich cultural history and contemporary life.

Itineraries accompanied by our experienced tour experts

Stupendous North India: All the stars : February 4 - 21, 2017    By Louise Nicholson

Accompanied by Louise Nicholson

A personal introduction to the very best of Northern India with Louise Nicholson

Imagine sweeping through North India from vibrant contemporary Mumbai via ancient Buddhist paintings, proud desert forts, extravagant royal palaces, an elephant ride, colourful markets, tranquil temples and a festival of music in your own desert palace… to reach New Delhi, India’s elegant capital. Imagine meeting local people – craftsmen, chefs, re

Central India Known and Unknown with a Focus on Textiles : February 23 - 11, 2017    By Louise Nicholson

Accompanied by Louise Nicholson

Louise Nicholson and textile connoisseur Rosemary Crill explore cultures from Ahmedabad to Delhi

Some of India’s most fascinating historic sites and most vibrant textile traditions lie in a swathe of India spanning Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh states. India has the world’s foremost textile tradition, but our journey has a far wider vision. While we see great textiles and learn their core importance to India’s history, we also v