The Destination

Why visit the subcontinent?
The Indian Subcontinent is an enormous geographical expanse within Asia. Seven independent republics share land, peoples and cultures in an area of about 4.5 million sq km.

A visit to the Indian Subcontinent is an epic journey. This is the home of the great Himalayan mountain range, majestic rivers and verdant jungles and the birthplace of Buddhist, Hindu, Jain and Sikh religions. You can see the great monuments of civilization the stretch back 5000 years, pillars of history that reflect an extraordinary diversity. There are festivals, pageants, ceremonies and a rainbow of colours wherever you go and something to see at each moment of the day.

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This vast geographical spread also means a wide variety of climate conditions making India a year-round destination. Added to this, centuries of multicultural influence and creative assimilation; and the reasons to visit the subcontinent become quite endless. They include – adventure, archaeology, bird watching, botany, culinary, culture, festivals, folklore, history, honeymoons, markets, nature, people, performing arts, rivers, textiles, trains, treks, villages, wellness and wildlife.