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Quo Vadis

Bespoke travel for you through India, Bhutan, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

We make your personal wish list come true by sharing our decades of acquiring deep knowledge and experience.

Quo Vadis means 'Where are you going?' and also 'What plan or ideas do you have'? 

It explains what we do.

We ask you about your dreams and interests.

We ask how you want to travel, what experiences you seek.  

We listen to you.  We plan with you.

Then we create and book the best possible itinerary, just for you.

When you come to India our team meticulously services your every need.

Our Team

The Quo Vadis Team

Our team in Delhi is led by Reet, Harpreet and Raman. We work with local agents, guides and specialists across India and its surrounding countries, and with specialists around the world. Louise is our global consultant, Sarah represents us in the UK.

Why Us

Why choose Quo Vadis?

Indian art

… Because we create bespoke itineraries just for you

Our itineraries are tailor-made for you. Each person has a different dream. For us to fulfil that dream,

every itinerary must be distinct.We pride ourselves in our ability to listen to and understand our clients’ wish-lists, preferences, needs and anxieties...

… Because our knowledge is comprehensive and up-to-date

This means you enjoy some special places and experiences which may not be known to many

people; it also means you should not arrive at a site to find it closed! We work to special interests -

birding, palace experiences, textiles, food, wellness retreats...

… Because for practicalities we aim to exceed your expectations

Our reputation for meticulous planning, flexibility and attention to detail is renowned. Before your

departure, we supply comprehensive pre-tour practical advice and tips. During your journey, we give you our collective expertise, exercised with...

… Because we understand your concerns on tour

Our drivers and guides share our commitment to ensuring you have the best possible travel

experience. Our loyal, handpicked guides are passionate, well-informed and sincere in sharing

their insights with you. Our much-respected drivers - some have...

… Because we want you to have a good night’s sleep

At Quo Vadis, we know that total enjoyment of your days depends on the comfort of your

accommodation. It must be appropriate to your needs and your preferences.

Fortunately, India has the full variety of world class...

…. Because our portfolio of contacts is like no other

We know that meeting with a local person who shares your particular interest or career skills can be a

highlight of your trip, deepening your understanding and perhaps leading to a longer friendship or

even creative partnership.

Thanks to our team’s decades...

Map of the Indian Subcontinent


Take a look at this map. India is very big!


For thousands of year traders and travellers have landed their boats along its 7,516km of coastline and crossed the great Himalaya region to and from Central Asia and China. Locals and visitors have travelled up and down its great rivers, dodged monsoon rains, braved desert heat, and visited cities of legendary wealth.

India's mass is 3,287,263 sq km, making it the seventh largest country in the world. North to south is a long 3,214km, east to west is a wide 2,933km. Its latitude spans an impressive 8 to 37 degrees north of the equator, its longitude is 68 to 97 degrees east of the prime meridian. Fortunately, it has just one time zone!

When you plan your visit, selection is the hardest part.


Trips and ideas

Trips & Ideas

Selection is everything. India has…… Palaces galore - and plenty to stay in. Astonishing craftspeople and textiles. Ancient philosophies. Colourful markets. Cuisines for every area. Unimaginable riches in buildings and stone sculpture. A landscape including the Himalaya, the Ganga and other great rivers, deserts and forest, with more biodiversity hotspots than most countries. It has order, chaos, a cacophony of noise.  Yet you can also find serenity.

The mantra for a rewarding itinerary: less is more - find an area or two that attract you, focus on those, give yourself downtime. Here is a springboard of ideas. The map should be useful, and our team is ready to discuss whatever you have in mind, and help you make choices that work for you. Nothing it too outlandish, too off-beat, too difficult for us!

Rajasthan and the Taj Mahal,
fairytale India

Stay in magnificent former palaces and aristocrats' havelis (courtyard house), wander dazzlingly colourful markets, ride an elephant or a camel, clamber around painted forts, see village life, shop for extravagantly embroidered and block-printed textiles. Use Jaipur, Udaipur and Jodhpur as springboards for exploring deeply.
Perhaps add a dash of Mumbai dynamism. Or classic Agra with its 
Taj Mahal, ending at the nation's sprawling ancient capital, Delhi.

Be there for Diwali or Holi festivals.

Go deeper: Add Nagaur, Bikaner, Bundi or Orchha; visit tip-top Ajanta and Ellora on your way to Mumbai.

QV Rajasthan palace Nagaur_edited.jpg
Jain fabric decoration


We do not solicit feedback from our clients, but we always welcome their accounts of the good, the inspiring and, of course, their remarks on where we could improve. We share this with the team that serviced them.

Louise's Blog

Louise's blog

'Each month I explore one tiny corner of India that I’ve visited and enjoyed. I’m seeking different kinds of all-round relaxation.  Everyone has their own idea of this, I call it wellness.  For some it is walking forested hills, for others may be seaside cooking, city-centre art and music or lakeside peace.  Still others seek total indulgence in a deluxe hotel with spa, yoga and signature restaurant.


Choosing my spot and my hotel - always somewhere I would like to hang out myself - I share with you what draws me there.


Please enjoy reading them.  I hope they inspire ideas for your own visit.  Whatever you seek, India probably has it!'

Louise in India
Contct Us

Get in touch!

Quo Vadis Travels Pvt Ltd

1101 Vatika Professional Point

Golf Course Extension Road

Sector 66, Gurgaon, Delhi NCR, India

Office hours: Monday - Friday, 9am to 6pm

Please know: Indian time is 5.5hrs ahead of UK GMT, 10.5hrs ahead of US EST

Reet Hazarika, Founder and CEO

Mobile/cell, India: +91 98104 25252

Harpreet Singh, Head of Operations

Mobile/cell, India: +91 98993 55501

Raman Lamba, Tour Consultant

Mobile/cell, India: + 91 9818800586


Louise Nicholson, Global Consultant

Mobile/cell, UK:  +44 7497 866564

Sarah Mahaffy, UK Consultant

Mobile/cell, UK: +44 7770 385675

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